3 Of The Best Baby Activities

Keeping little ones entertained isn’t the easiest task, but we all need 10 minutes here and there to get other things done, be it putting on some washing, making the next meal or simply having 10 minutes to put your feet up with a relaxing cup of tea. Thankfully we have been searching high and low for the 3 best activity centres to keep your little one entertained and here are our favourites.

Skip Hop Explore & More Amazing Arch Activity Gym

We absolutely love this activity gym from Skip Hop, it is so much fun an has so many neat things to keep your baby entertained. Not only does it look really stylish but the actual mat is a generous size and super soft and comfy for baby to lie on and even has a little pillow to rest their head on or to aid with tummy time. The mat in itself is visually stimulation, with lots of brightly coloured animal designs and it even has some crinkly flaps for baby to play with. The arch is excellent, it has 20 different things to entertain baby from the brilliant dancing fox which is activated by sound, a peek-a-boo hooting owl, a bee rattle, a spinning ball with lights and a musical hedgehog teether. One of the great things about this mat is unlike other activity gyms this arch can be positioned in 2 different positions so that baby can enjoy the activities overhead while lying on their back, or by pressing the buttons on the side of the arch it can be lowered to the ground for tummy time or sitting up. One of our favourite features is on the arch their is a clever mirror with a little pocket to slip your phone into so that you can record baby having fun or your loved ones can watch baby enjoying themself, to your baby it appears as though they are simply looking in a mirror, not at your camera, which means you can capture some gorgeous photos or videos of baby smiling at themself. You can also flip over the mirror so baby can face-time with whoever is on the phone, perfect if you have relatives overseas. In our opinion this really is the best play gym out there, it will last for much longer than other gyms and due to the quality it will be passed down from one baby to another, good as new.

Fisher Price Roaring’ Rainforest Jumperoo

Babies just seem to love Jumperoo’s and this one from Fisher Price is our favourite. Not only does it give your aching arms a break but it is great for strengthening their leg muscles and developing their motor skills. The clever height-adjustable design means it can grow with your baby and the 360° rotating seat gives your baby access to lots of different toys to keep them entertained. There are lots of things to delight your baby such as a rolling lion ball, an alligator clicker, butterfly teether and two soft monkeys dangling overhead. Their are lots of flashing lights and music which babies will enjoy, and the music can be played continuously or they can activate the sounds and lights by bouncing and playing with certain toys, which is great for teaching them how to make that happen on their own. One of the features we really like on this jumperoo is the fact that it can fold up for storing, it still takes up a fair bit if space but it means it doesn’t have to be out all the time and can be put away in a cupboard or under the stairs. The seat pad is also removable and machine washable, which is really handy. Your baby will get so much use out of this jumper, which makes it worth every penny.

Baby Sensory “Say Hello” Friends Double-sided Activity Mat

All mummies need a place where they can pop the baby down while they throw on some laundry or make a quick cup of tea, so a good play mat is vital. We have absolutely fallen in love with this double-sided playmat from East Coast. The beautiful mat has a design on each side, one side has a black and white contrast design with all the characters, and the other side, which is the star of the show, has a bright bold design which is really visually stimulating. The design is really lovely, it shows a little boy and girl holding hands in the middle with a day and night sky scene behind them with the moon and stars and clouds and sunshine. The fun doesn’t end here, there are lots of sensory features to entertain and stimulate your baby, there is a crinkly sunshine which when lifted reveals a mirror for baby to look at themselves in, the sunshine also has a little cloud teether attached which babies will love to chew on. The large cloud design has three soft raindrops with smiley faces attached and there are two stars one which crinkles and one which is a soft comforter with ribbons. There is also a second large mirror which can be moved around the mat and a large “Say Hello” flap which when lifted reveals lyrics from the Say Hello to the Sun song. The mat is a great size, so there is plenty of room to roll around and it is really nicely padded so baby will be nice and comfortable while exploring all the features. The mat is perfect for sitting, lying and tummy time and can even be used beyond their first year for picnics and other outdoors adventures.


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