3 of the Best Baby Swim Suits

With Summer upon us many of you will be thinking about getting your little ones into the water for the first time, either in the sea or at the pool. It is a really exciting time when your baby first experiences splashing around in the water but make sure you are prepared with the right swimwear. Here are 3 of our favourite suits for keeping your baby safe and warm.

Konfidence Babywarma
We absolutely love Konfidence’s range of Babywarma pool wetsuits. The wetsuits have been designed using high-grade soft neoprene to ensure that little ones stay warm and safe in the swimming pool. They are superb quality and feel really soft and comfortable, the neoprene stretches beautifully to offer a snug fit which will keep your baby nice and warm in the water as well as giving your baby flexibility to move their arms and legs freely. They also offer 100% UV protection on all covered areas, which is great when swimming outdoors. The suits have wide velcro fastenings which can be adjusted to grow with your baby and they also allow space for a swim nappy underneath. All their swim nappies come in co-ordenating designs to match the Babywarmas and they are just as soft and comfortable as the suits. The hardest thing will be choosing one of the 6 cute designs.

Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit
Another great option for babies is the Splash About Wetsuit with built in swim nappy. With these wetsuits their is no need to wear a separate swim nappy everything is contained within the suit. With full upper body covering and long sleeves this wetsuit is great for use in slightly colder water. It is made from 1mm neoprene and is nice and soft against babies skin. Their are 12 adorable designs to choose from.

Konfidence Floatsuit
A great option for slightly older babies and toddlers once they are learning to swim independently is the Konfidence Floatsuit. Suitable from 12 months, the suit is made fro stretchy Lycra so is really soft and comfortable and gives lots of freedom of movement it has eight removable floats in outer pockets which provide adjustable buoyancy that you can tailor to your child’s weight to ensure that they are not under or over supported in the water. As your little ones gains confidence in the water you can slowly remove the floats until they are swimming completely independently. Like all Konfidence suits, the float suit offers UPF protection which is perfect for use outside.


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