3 Of The Best Food And Snack Containers

As soon as my little one started weaning I became quite obsessed with finding great storage containers for their lunch and snacks and after much research and trying out lots of useless products, these are the 3 I can’t live without.

The YumBox (pictured centre) is absolutely fantastic for getting variety into your little ones, you can create a small picnic style lunch or pack snacks for the entire day. There are 6 compartments in varying sizes and unlike some other containers it is 100% leak proof, and nothing will leak from one section into the other.
Available from £18.50 at www.eatwell-uk.co.uk

Another container we can’t live without is the Skip Hop food jar, this fantastic food container keeps food hot while on the go, making it perfect for giving your kids a hot lunch while out and about. This colourful stainless steel container keeps kid-sized portions warm for up to five hours or cold for up to seven. it even comes with a nifty spork that clips on to the side of the jar.
Available for £18 from www.johnlewis.com

Lastly, our absolutely favourite snack container is the Skip Hop Snack Cup. This brilliant little snack pot is perfect for giving your kids snacks on the go. It is a really great size and it has a silicon opening that the child has to put their hand through to get the snack out, this not only means they can’t spill their snack all over the floor it also means they have to work a little harder to get their snack out so it slows down their eating, which is never a bad thing. It is the perfect size, for most snacks such as grapes, apple slices, mini rice cakes or crackers. It also has a little handle which is the perfect size for little hands to hold and a lid for keeping the snacks fresh. We don’t leave the house without our snack cup and it always keeps our little one happy and mess-free on the go, especially in the buggy or car seat. We can’t recommend it highly enough!
Available for £9 from www.johnlewis.com








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