3 Of The Best Sleeping Bags

We all know that being a new parent often means sleepless nights but what many new parents do not know is that sleeping bags, as well as being the safest way for your baby to sleep, can also minimise the amount your baby wakes in the night meaning that both parents and baby can enjoy the benefits of a more restful night’s sleep.

Research has shown that when using conventional bedding, babies tend to get either too hot or too cold which can lead to disrupted sleep. Sleeping bags however, ensure that babies remain at a constant temperature and eliminate the need for any other top covers. They also prevent babies from pulling covers over their heads or sliding down under blankets. Not only do they keep babies at the correct temperature but they also minimises disruption when feeding during the night which means that they are more likely to go back to sleep if they do wake up unexpectedly.

Here is our pick of the best sleeping bags from newborn to toddler age.


For newborns

This revolutionary new 2in1 Swaddle and newborn sleeping bag from The Gro Company enables you to swaddle your baby’s arms in or out for a great night’s sleep. It’s extremely easy to use is has a long zip that opens from the bottom all the way up to the top for easy nappy changes. The arm holes have three little poppers so you can swaddle the arms inside the bag or have them outside like a traditional sleeping bag. The bags are super soft and come in two weights a light weight which or a cosy weight which is ever so warm and snuggly.

The Gro-snug is perfect for using before transitioning your baby into their first sleeping bag.

The Gro-snug also comes with a free baby room thermometer to make sure your baby’s room is always the perfect temperature.



For Babies

We love the 2-in-1 Babasac sleeping bag, this incredibly versatile bag will see your little one through all the seasons. The clever sleeping bag has a beautifully soft removable inner layer that easily zips in or out making it both a 1.0 tog sleeping bag for use in the warmer Summer months and a cozy 2.5 tog sleeping bag for use in the colder Winter months. It’s also perfect for use on holiday as the 1 tog sleeping bag is really nice and light. It features a double press stud to the shoulder and a zip which finishes at the bottom for easy changing.

It comes is 5 lovely designs, we love this unisex grey cloud design with mint green trim.

Available in 3 sizes from 0-36 months.



For Toddlers

The innovative new Slumbersac sleeping bags with feet are perfect for helping your child as they learn to walk! Toddlers can enjoy the comfort and security of their sleeping bag while still being able to move about freely. Slumbersac’s sleeping bags with feet are just like regular sleeping bags but with openings for feet so children can walk around while staying cosy in their bag! The design allows your child’s feet to fit inside the sleeping bag when sleeping and when they wake up they can pop their feet through the openings and walk or crawl around in it! We love the fact that you can get your little one into their bag and ready for bed nice and early but they will still have the freedom to play until you’re ready to put them down! Likewise in the morning, they can run around happily in their bag until it’s time to get ready.

These sleeping bags are available in 4 different cotton designs and 4 muslin designs and cater for ages 12 months to 4 years



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