3 Simple Eco Swaps To Help Save The Planet!


As a mum of a toddler I have been growing increasingly concerned about the state of our planet and what this means for my little boys future. As a family we have been making small changes wherever we can but we are always on the look out for  lifestyle changes we can make that will have a positive impact on the planet.

One of the things I knew had to go were disposable wipes, when I really stopped tithing about it the number of baby wipes I was using was horrifying, I was using them for everything, not just nappy changes, but cleaning his hands and face after meal times, wiping up spills on the floor and even sometimes used them to wipe his nose. When you stop and think that all the millions of wipes that we are using end up in landfill, it is just completely unacceptable. So I went looking for an alternative, something that would get the job done but at the same time be gentle on my little ones skin. That’s when I came cross Cheeky Wipes, and  have to say I have been totally blown away but this fabulous little company. Not only have they converted me on to their re-usable wipes, which can i just say are the softest things I have ever felt, but after reading their World Earth Day article, about three simple swaps you can make to have a big impact on the planet, I have also been converted into getting rid of all disposable tampons and pads as well as make-up wipes and disposable cotton wool pads. In fact I have been so impressed with their products that their gorgeous Make-up removal kit is actually going to be my go-to gift for all the women in my life come their birthdays.

To find out more about their #3simpleswaps keep reading…

Cheeky Wipes are all about eco swaps – but eco swaps which are also kind to your skin and will also save you cash too, so 3 BIG benefits! In fact, right now Cheeky Wipes equals #3simpleswaps which offer #3bigbenefits! And we’re offering 25% off everything to encourage you and your friends and family to make the swap…..

#1:  swap disposable baby wipes for washable baby wipes

We talk to quite a lot of people at baby shows and often they struggle a little bit to get their head around how EASY swapping to cloth wipes is…whether you use cloth or disposable nappies. Once you’ve taken the plunger and swapped to cloth baby wipes, , I guarantee you’ll never go back and if you start with cloth wipes from the start, you’ll be really glad you did. But even if you can’t quite commit to using them for bums, switching to cloth wipes for hands & faces will save you an extraordinary amount of wipes (and money!)   We reckon that ONE Cheeky Wipes kit is equivalent to 260 packs of baby wipes which is quite incredible and gives a saving of hundreds of pounds over two years too.  But, most importantly for me, with my sensitive, eczema prone skin, you know EXACTLY what you’re putting on your baby’s skin.

#2:  swap tampons and disposable sanitary pads for cloth sanitary pads and period pants

***Warning – oversharing alert*** You might be interested in sharing my period protection journey….

BC (before children) I used tampons exclusively. It was a LONG time ago to be fair and I wasn’t aware of any reusable alternatives. They may not have actually existed, it was a LONG time ago. 🙂   Then I had children. My poor nether regions took a battering and suddenly, tampons were no longer my friend.   I’d heard about the mooncup and really, really wanted to like it, but it didn’t work for me (there’s plenty of people who do get on with it, don’t let that put you off trying! When I became aware of cloth sanitary pads I was delighted!  We started offering just the bamboo minky as they’re super absorbent, but then discovered cotton ultrapads which are great if you prefer a thinner, less absorbent pad. BUT…last year, we discovered period pants#gamechanger   We all love, love, love them. Every one of us in the office is a convert.   On the heavy days of my period, I will wear a pad with them as (in all honesty) I can’t be bothered in stripping off completely to change my knickers at lunch – it’s much easier to whip out a pad.  But on my lighter days, I wear them by themselves all day.  They are SUPERB for cycling or sports.  Plus, no chafing or irritation which you sometimes get from disposables.  We can’t recommend these enough – go for a size or two smaller than you usually wear, as they are US sizes.

#3:  swap cotton wool or makeup removing wipes for washable makeup removing pads

And lastly another simple swap which just works!   Use alongside our organic coconut oil, or your favourite cleanser, here’s how they work:

  • apply the organic coconut oil or your cleanser to your face with your fingertips – your mascara should just melt!
  • run the pad under hot water (careful not to burn yourself), then gently remove your makeup with the warm pad
  • run the pad under the cold tap to refresh your face

If you use micellar water or toner, then look at out organic cotton eye makeup removing pads which are really soft and exactly the same size as a cotton wool pad, so perfect for that purpose

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