Abeille Cellular Blankets

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£20 www.abeille.co.uk

The first blanket you use for your newborn is treasured forever. Abeille have modernised the traditional cellular blanket by using a carefully selected colour palette to complement the modern home, a generous size so that the blanket is more versatile; by increasing the weight to make it bouncy and by making it noticeably softer on your baby’s skin. ‘As soft and sweet as a favourite jumper.’ Every Abeille blanket is individually packaged in a beautiful box. The clever ‘cell’ construction traps air to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our verdict
We absolutely love Abeille’s cellular blankets. Many cellular blankets can be scratchy against babies delicate skin but these blankets are super soft and come in lovely neutral colours, making them a prefect gift. It washes really nicely and keeps it lovely soft feel and the extra large size is really useful for using in the cot or draping over the buggy. If we were to buy just one cellular blanket this is the one we would choose.

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