From £18.99

The innovative two or four sided baby cot bumper from Airwrap features specially designed padding that protects baby against bumps and knocks.

The bumper is adjustable, designed to fit most cots and cribs securely. It can be squashed down when stood on and can spring back to shape straight away.

The bumper restricts arms and legs from getting between cot or crib slats, providing a higher level of protection against limbs getting between cot bars. It can also be breathed through and allows maximum airflow, reducing the risk of overheating.

Features & Benefits

  • Vented corners for maximum airflow
  • Adjustable design to fit on more cribs.
  • Free from bumper ties. The use of fixed placement bumper ties can prevent the safe fitting on many cot types.
  • Keeps arms legs and pacifiers inside the cot. • Protects against bumps and knocks
  • Provides a visual shield
  • Firm yet padded, slim-line and non-pillowy
  • Provides less leverage for climbing when fitted properly
  • Machine washable
  • Tested for breathability, quality and hazardous elements in accordance with global standards.
  • Free from Formaldehyde, Lead, Phthalates and AZO dyestuffs
  • Patented multi-layer technology
  • Proudly created by one of Australia’s longest standing and leading nursery design houses The Little Linen Company (established in 1971)

You can find out more about Airwrap and watch the video at

Our verdict:
We really liked these innovative cot bumpers, they are a much safer alternative to traditional bumpers, as they are fully breathable, so you have complete peace of mind that your little one will be safe. Our first impression was that they felt nice and soft which is due to them being made from soft cotton muslin, we could also tell that they were fully breathable which is the most important thing, but the real test took place over night. Out little tester is a real squirmer and usually wakes up multiple times in the night from getting her limbs caught between the rails so we were very excited to put the Airwrap to the test. We are very pleased to report that they did exactly what they say they do as we didn’t have one single incident of our tester being woken due to banging her limbs or getting them caught in-between the rails, this is a huge breakthrough for parents who find themselves getting up and down in the night to untangle little limbs from the rails. Another thing we liked is unlike other more solid bumpers the Airwrap can’t be used as leverage for babies trying to stand themselves up, it simply squashes down if any pressure is put on it, another thing to give you peace of mind. The bumpers come in both two sided and 4 sided and they can easily be adjusted to fit most size cots, you simply loop around the two end rails and secure each end tightly with the velcro. For £18.99 these are a really good investment.


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