Chicco Balloon Bouncer

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The Balloon Bouncer has an interactive and electronic toy panel, with lights and melodies, to relax and entertain your baby.

You have the possibility to choose different natural sounds, relaxing lullabies and funny melodies. Moreover, you can record your voice for 30 seconds, so that your baby can always feel close to you! The toy panel has 3 fun pendants to stimulate the tactile and psychological skills of your baby.The electronic console can be detached from the bouncer and attached to the bed panel.

Balloon has a modular reducer and headrest adjustable in 3 positions, to follow each step of your child growth, from birth up to 6 months. Once the baby has grown you can remove both the cushion and the reducer.

The backrest can be reclined in 4 positions, to adapt to your baby’s needs. The bouncer can be easily transformed into a rocking chair.

The vibration gently relax your baby!

Balloon can be easily folded, pressing two dedicated buttons, and becomes extremely compact. It has two practical fabric handles for transportation.

Our verdict:
This is a lovely bouncer that’ll keep your baby entertained. it has 4 positions including a flat position which is great for a sleeping baby. We love that you can record your own voice to play to the baby, it’s also useful that you can remove the activity console and attach it to your baby’s cot or take it in the car. The only downside is the activity bar faces away from the baby, it would be nice if it was facing the baby.

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