Chicco Next2Me Crib

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Chicco’s Next2me side sleeping crib has been specifically designed to allow you and your baby to sleep next to each other without the need to share the same bed.

There are many benefits to sleeping close to your baby. You’ll get to spend extra time with your little one whilst developing a much stronger bond. It’s not just your baby that can see the benefits; you too can sleep much easier knowing that your child is close by and safe from harm. Also, side sleeping can make breastfeeding much easier as there’s no need to leave the room or fully wake, meaning mum gets the much needed rest she deserves.

The special straps and adjustable height make the bedside crib easy to attach to any bed, while the included travel bag allows you to easily transport the crib, meaning you and your baby can sleep next to each other wherever you go.

Next2me can be both attached to mum and dad’s bed for quieter nights during the first months; raising the foldable drawer side. As baby grows you can move Next2me away from the parent’s bed and use it as a normal crib.

Designed with comfort in mind, the side sleeping crib includes a padded mattress as well as a net window for extra air circulation. You can simply tilt the crib if your little one is ever congested, helping to breathe better.

Ability to sleep close to your baby without having to share the same bed. Travel bag included for easy transport. Simple and safe fastening system to attach to parent’s bed. Adjustable to 6 height positions to ensure compatibility with beds and drawers. Net window for air circulation. Removable and washable lining. As baby grows can be used as a standalone crib.

Our verdict:
This is such a great crib for parents who want to co-sleep without the risks. The crib has 6 adjustable heights so you can find a perfect match to your bed height, the crib basically becomes an extension of your own bed but with the safety of being able to put the side up when you and the baby are sleeping. When the baby wakes for a feed you simply pop the side down to feed them and then pop it back up when you are done, this is a godsend for sleep deprived parents, the fact that you don’t have to get up and go into another room allows you to get back to sleep easily. The crib can also be tilted, which is great for colic babies, it is really spacious so there is lots of room for your baby to grow, it is super light and comes with a carry bag so can easily be taken away with you if you are travelling or staying over at someone’s house.

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