Elle TENS+


£99.95 www.babycaretens.com

An Introduction to the Elle TENS+

The NEW 3-in-1 Elle TENS+ with contraction timer is undoubtedly the ultimate obstetric TENS machine. Built with the same cutting-edge technology as the original award winning Elle TENS, the Elle TENS+ boasts 3 fully functional units in one – for all your labour and post labour needs.

Features and Benefits

  • 3 units in 1 : treats birth pain,general pain and pelvic floor toning
  • Built-in contraction timer
  • Pre set modes for ease of use
  • Integrated boost button
  • Optimax technology for extra power
  • Uses 4 large pads
  • Easy to read user display
  • Neck cord for mobility

What’s Included

  • Pack of 4 electrode pads
  • Instructions
  • 2 leadwires plus 1 spare
  • 2 x AA batteries plus 2 spare
  • Vaginal probe
  • Neck cord
  • Soft carrying pouch
  • Women’s Guide to Drug Free Pain Relief
  • Pad placement chart

Our Verdict:
When it comes to labour any form of pain relief feels like a gift from god, but for those wanting to go down the natural pain relief route the Elle TENS+ is a fantastic option. TENS machines are a natural for of pain relief that are great for the early stages of labour. The machine was really easy to use, the set up was easy and it has clear instructions and guidance on where to place the pads. One of the things we liked most about this one is that it times your contractions which can be a really annoying trying to do yourself. We also really liked the boost function which was great for when the pain really cranked up. Lastly the pelvic floor function, this was so helpful, it really helped me strengthen my pelvic floor which is something I will be thankful for for many years to come.

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