Fogarty Temperature Control Cot Bed Duvet

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Fogarty, one of the leading brands of pillows and duvets, has announced its partnership with Mothercare, to provide filled bedding products created especially for children.

Using high quality materials and nearly 150 years of expertise in duvet and pillow making, Fogarty has developed four new bedding ranges for children. These new collaborative ranges include duvets, pillows, mattress protectors and bed sets.

Finally, ‘Mothercare by Fogarty’ offers a range of temperature controlled products which help regulate body temperature, ensuring an undisrupted night’s sleep.

The Temperature Control cot bed duvet regulates body temperature to encourage a more relaxed and a better quality of sleep for your little one. The fabric controls and regulates temperature by drawing moisture away from the body.

Our verdict:
We were really impressed with the temperature control duvet. Our first impression was that it felt super warm and snuggly, it didn’t seem too thick which was a relief as it gets very hot in our little tester’s bedroom. Our tester is known for tossing and turning and kicking his duvet onto the floor when he gets too hot but in the morning he was all tucked in just the way we left him the night before. We have washed the duvet once since receiving it and it has come out just as nice and soft as when it first arrived.

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