Hope’s Relief Therapeutic Cream

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£16.20 www.mahinaturals.com

Hope’s Relief has been formulated over 35 years of research and originally created by a Naturopath for her own daughter. Hopes Relief is now an award winning brand, Australia’s No1 natural eczema cream and renowned by mothers and trusted by families’ worldwide. Packed with Natural Active ingredients including: Hospital Grade Organic Manuka Honey NPA 10+, Gotu Kola, Aloe Vera, Organic Calendula and Licorice Root to soothe and repair damaged skin. Cooling and soothing, it is suitable for those prone to eczema and dry, itchy skin conditions and helps to keep skin moisturised. Because there are no petrochemicals or other toxic ingredients to be absorbed through the skin, it is suitable for use on babies, children and adults for extended periods with no harmful side effects.

Our Verdict:
We love this cream, it does exactly what it says, it offers relief to dry, itchy or eczema prone skin. It can be used on both mum and baby and it safe to use while breast feeding. It absorbs really quickly, so it’ great for daily application or to use when you need releif.


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