Interview With Coleen Rooney

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Q. How do you think that motherhood has changed you?

A. It hasn’t changed me dramatically. I have always been a maternal person and I come from a big family full of kids so I was always looking after them. I am a hands on wife & mother, that’s just part of my personality. What I would say has changed the most is the spontaneity. Wayne often doesn’t know when he is going to have a day off, so before kids we would just go out for a meal or do something together when he found out he had one. Now everything takes much more planning. Overall, though, life hasn’t changed that much.

Q. Is Wayne a hands-on dad?

A. When we had Kai it was all new to him, whereas I had more experience through my family. By the time Klay came along he knew how everything worked and was really confident. It’s natural to him now.

Q. What are your favourite things to do together as a family?

A. My favourite thing to do together is simply stay in, play and spend time as a family. That’s why Lamaze is great, it helps you interact with your baby in a fun way.

Wayne and I also make sure we have a date night once a week – something as simple as going to the cinema, going for something to eat or going to a show. We have managed to make that last and I hope to continue to do it when baby number three arrives. It’s important that you give each other the time.

Q. How do you feel about reaching thirty?

A. I don’t feel anxious about it, I still feel young! I’m looking forward to it.

Q. You have just been appointed the new brand ambassador for Lamaze, tell us about that?

A. When Lamaze approached me I jumped at the chance to come on board.

When I was pregnant with Kai lots of people bought Lamaze gifts for us, which is how I first discovered the brand. I was amazed at what Lamaze had to offer him right from birth, so by the time I had Klay I knew I wanted to use Lamaze again – Klay was lucky because he had Kai’s old Lamaze toys and we also bought a lot of the newer range. I am really looking forward to using Lamaze again with baby number three and often buy the toys for friends and family.

Q. What do you like about Lamaze toys?

A. The colours and textures are brilliant, you can really see your baby discovering new things while playing, which is amazing. They are developed with experts and are educational but they are also great fun – I think the best way to learn is through enjoyment and this is something that is really great about Lamaze’s range.

I also really like that your baby can play by itself with the products, but can also interact with you through them. Learning, bonding and playing are all very important to me and these things are central to Lamaze toys.


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