Interview with Le Mu Childrenswear Designer Dan Mu

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  • Tell us a little bit about Le Mu

Le Mu, is a British childrenswear brand, having just celebrated our 1st year Anniversary in business last month. I set out to follow the dream of setting up my own highly individual childrenswear brand. My vision was to make exclusive and stunning fashion wear for trend-savvy parents that want to dress their daughters as stylish princesses.

The brand has gone from strength to strength and has an established, loyal clientele of both sellers and buyers.  With the initial collection proving a resounding success from the start, we looked to branch out our designs by adding a collection of chic and contemporary occasionwear and accessories to further complement and strengthen the customer’s Le Mu shopping experience.

Creativity and product excellence are at the heart of our design process and from the selection of the highest quality materials to the hand crafting of the finishing touches, nothing is overlooked. Layers of luxurious fabrics, oversized bows, bejeweled belts and detachable collars are just some of the design elements that make Le Mu’s collections so distinctive and chic.


  • Tell us about your favourite item from the current Autumn/Winter collection

There are so many to choose from and I love them all so much.  However, if I had to choose then my favourite pieces would be the carpe diem dress and shorts.  I love the classic tartan look and there is something about wearing thick shorts in winter that makes it all so chic.


  • What has proved the most popular from your current collection?

The red riding hood cape has been our most popular piece this season. I think any girl can relate to little red riding hood and its a versatile outwear design that really gives girls that fairy tale feeling. Equally popular have been our tutus, which come in a variety of colours and designs.


  • Tell us about your Spring/Summer collection

I think our Spring/Summer collection is our strongest one yet. Influenced by princess’ attending a tea party, the collection is full of flower embroidered dresses with an emphasis of whites and gingham prints that complement the style.


  • Where do you take inspiration from for your designs?

Inspiration is taken from all aspects of life, from music and movies through to walks in the park. To me being a princess is all about feeling special and that can come from the simple things in life from playing in the park through to playing dress up at parties.


  • What inspired you to set up the business?

My daughter, Michelle, was the trigger that kick started my desire to set up my own business. Through her I was encouraged to create something that inspired and made children feel good.  To design products that are synonymous with both elegance and creativity.  The Le Mu brand and its products, and the cultural values they embody, blend tradition and innovation.


  • What have been the biggest challenges?

Finding enough hours in the day J


  • What do you find the most rewarding?

Putting a smile on my customer’s faces and making little girls feel like true princesses.


  • What have you learnt from running your own business?

That it’s important to maintain a sense of self belief . Starting up your business isn’t without its challenges, but by believing in yourself there is no obstacle too great that can’t be over come.


  • Where do you see the business in 5 years time?

We treat clients and customers as one and the same; like-minded individuals with great taste and an eye for something a bit special. I want to continue building on Le Mu and create a brand with the right ambience of high-end style and glamour, from the luxurious patterns and design to our attention to quality fabrics for comfort and feel.   I hope to expand our collection of more casual, chic wear and to branch out and be stocked in further boutiques.


  • How do you balance running a business and being a mum?

It’s all about focusing on the priorities and always reminding myself as to why I started this journey.   I am fortunate to work at something that is my hobby and passion. My family come first and keep me grounded. Working for myself allows me time at home to spend with my daughter and she loves that i’m there everyday when she comes home from school. I am able to balance my day so I get all my work done during her schools hours and when she is in bed so that we have time together as a family in the evening and on weekends.  I always try to break down tasks into small manageable pieces. This helps me get through the day and when I look back over the year I can see how far I’ve travelled. I am thankful to be surrounded by a great network of family and friends who have all contributed to help make Le Mu what it is today.


  • What would your advice be to another mum thinking about setting up their own business.

Believe in yourself, don’t give up and always strive to keep moving forward.

You can view the entire Le Mu collection at


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