Introducing The Kindness Co-op – Fashion with a purpose!

The Kindness Co-op was launched by two friends, Lucie and Charlie, with the purpose of promoting kindness towards others (especially amongst children), ourselves and the environment. Being mums they have always tried to teach their children about looking after the planet that they are going to inherit and about looking after each other. Seeing their children demonstrate unprompted acts of kindness filled them with pride and they decided that they wanted to create a brand to encourage this ethos through inspirational clothing and accessories.

In 2018 they launched The Kindness Co-op, a socially responsible brand offering organic clothing for children and adults featuring inspirational designs. Since then, the brand has grown and now also offers a range of accessories including tote bags, notebooks and badges.

It was important to Lucie and Charlie to have a philanthropic element to the brand so with every item sold they donate a portion of the profit to the wonderful charity YoungMinds.

Nobody’s perfect, but as concern about climate change grows, rest assured The Kindness Co-op do everything they can to ensure that they source from ethical suppliers, use organic materials where appropriate, minimise the use of plastics and only use packaging that can easily be recycled.

To be part of the kindness revolution check out their full collection at


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