Lucious Organic Skincare From Lala & Bea

We love coming across new brands and were delighted when we discovered Lala & Bea’s new skincare  products which are designed for use by all the family.

Not only are the ingredients natural, organic and free from parabens but a majority of the ingredients are grown and sourced in the UK. Lala & Bea do not test anything on animals and all of the ingredients and packaging come from natural and sustainable sources connecting beauty, environment and well-being.

Their Organic Nourish Balm has blended Shea butter & cocoa butter to create a rich & nourishing balm to sooth & maintain elasticity of the skin while rosehip seed oil helps minimise the appearance of stretch marks. With a calming aroma of orange, bergamot & cardamom pure essential oils, nourish balm is also gentle enough to use on your baby.

Sleep Tight Pillow Spray contains the relaxing and calming aromatherapy scents of Lavender and Ylang Ylang which create a relaxing sleep inducing aroma. It also has a base of Lavender filtered water for longevity of scent. Spray directly onto the pillow and bedding before sleep or use as a room fragrancer.

Baby Massage & Bath Oil was developed as a nourishing alternative to basic massage oils. Can be used as both a bath oil and as a massage oil. Baby Massage is a great way of strengthening the bond with your baby and raises levels of the ‘feel-good’ hormone oxytoxin in both baby and parent, helping both feel calmer and relaxed. It has also been proven to elevate symptoms of colic and wind.

The one adult only product in the range is the Organic Nourish Oil which contains aromatherapy oils which are great for adults but may be too strong for babies delicate skin. Nourish Oil can be used as a relaxing and calming bath oil or as a nourishing massage oil applied directly onto the skin. Like our Nourish Balm, it also contains Rosehip seed oil which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and regenerative qualities helpful with scarring such as acne marks and stretch marks.

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