New Cuddledry hands free baby towel design

Have you ever felt that overwhelming surge of Instagram envy? You look at other parents’ social media feeds and it seems like they’ve got this parenting lark well and truly under control – they’re bathing their adorable baby with one hand and eating avocado on toast with the other, and you can see a casual, homemade super green smoothie in the background.

It doesn’t seem fair does it? Not when the reality of your baby bath time is trying to wrestle a squirming baby into an old towel that’s tucked precariously under your chin. There’s a cup of cold coffee somewhere in the kitchen, but it’s not really the same.

Well, fear not. Cuddlery, makers of the multi-award winning hands free baby towel, are on hand to help you create that Instagrammable bath time moment!

The original Cuddledry hands free towel, which has been a firm favourite with parents for nearly ten years, stops you getting splashed and leaves you with both hands free to bath, wash and lift your baby without any fuss. It’s made of a silky soft blend of natural cotton and bamboo, and once your baby is snuggled up on your chest, in their fluffy towel cocoon, you’ll even have a hand free to smash your breakfast avocado.

What’s more, the brand new unisex Cuddledry design, Grey Stars, which launches in September, is super chic. The stylish grey tone is perfect for complimenting your natural stone plant pots and monochrome bathroom accessories. (What do you mean you haven’t quite got round to potting up your bathroom plants yet??)

Jokes aside, the new Cuddledry Grey Stars really is a must for any new parent. Get yours from September, or pop it on your baby gift list, and enjoy stress free and stylish baby bath times.

The Cuddledry towel is available to buy for £29.99 from Mothercare, John Lewis, Boots, JoJoMamanBebe and Kiddicare as well as the Cuddledry website


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