Nomi by Evomove

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The Nomi Concept is designed to grow with your child, meeting their needs at all stages. Designed by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, it’s also the only highchair to be awarded the prestigious “Red Dot: Best of the Best” design award.

From newborn to teenager, the Nomi chair features a height adjustable seat and footrest which allows it to evolve through three life stages; the Nomi Baby brings baby off the floor to a height where they join family life, the Mini provides excellent support without restricting freedom and the Highchair offers seamless adjustment to suit a growing child.

The look is minimalist and Scandinavian with a sustainable ethos that is perfectly suited to a modern home. The chair is made of wood and plastic – a rather rare combination in children’s highchairs. This results in a very light chair at just 4.9 kg.

The stem is made of laminated wood, which makes the chair durable and flexible, and endows it with a slight springiness to guarantee comfort. The seat, back and feet consist of moulded plastic; this makes it possible to create a chair with organic forms, ensuring the optimal fit for small bodies. The seat and footrest are finished with a light rough surface to prevent the child slipping down.

Each component of the Nomi chair comes in a variety of colours and finishes and the Nomi Baby is also supplied with a choice of colours and patterns for the cushions and mattress covers that are reversible.

Accessories available include a harness (not required with this design), and the Tray by Evomove, which can only be used with the Mini fitted.

Our Verdict:
We can not rave highly enough about this highchair. It is designed flawlessly to grow with your child from birth through childhood. It is really easy to put together and to change from the Nomi Baby to the Nomi Mini. As the Nomi is on wheels it can easily be moved around the house, so your baby or child can always be at your level. The Baby mattress is so comfy, so your baby will be more than happy spending time in it and it can be moved from a horizontal position (for relaxing/sleeping), to an upright position for meal times. It can easily be re-positioned while your baby is in it, so if your baby drifts off after a meal you can simply recline it back into the horizontal position for them to continue napping. Once your baby is ready to sit upright you change it from the Baby to the Mini, which is the highchair mode. The highchair is really comfortable and has a little footrest for children to rest their feet on, you can even add a reversible cushion for extra comfort. Little ones will love sitting at the table at the same height as you for mealtimes and for any other table activities. Unlike other highchairs the Nomi can not tip over if your child pushes backwards, it will simply glide backwards on the wheels. This is a great safety feature, which all parents will appreciate. As the child grows you simply use the knob to adjust the height of the seat and footrest, and of course remove the restraint so it becomes a chair and not a highchair, it could’t be easier.



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