New Year, New You! Stay Fit During Your Pregnancy in 2019


Stay fit, work out and look gorgeous!

Staying fit and continuing to exercise during pregnancy is good for you and good for your baby too! Experts agree that Mammas-to-be who maintain their fitness are less likely to suffer from pregnancy niggles and discomforts such as backache, tiredness and swollen ankles.  Exercise can boost your mood, help you sleep and encourage a healthy pregnancy-appropriate weight gain.

But it’s not just about you!  Babies born to Mammas who exercise are less chubby at birth and more likely to get the exercise habit themselves later in life. Research has shown they tend to learn more quickly too!

Staying fit is also the best way to ensure you feel good and look gorgeous as your pregnancy progresses, keeping you strong and prepared for your baby.

Maternity fitness experts FittaMamma share their top five tips to make sure you look and feel good every time you exercise during pregnancy.

  1. Support is all important whatever pregnancy exercise routine you prefer. Whether you’ve maintained your gym membership, you’re still running regularly or have joined a prenatal exercise class, clothing that holds your baby bump securely will give you the confidence to continue. The FittaMamma High Support top works like a bra for your bump, lifting and holding the weight for maximum comfort during any high impact activity.
  1. Whilst some Mammas-to-be are perfectly happy to bare their blossoming bump most women feel more comfortable if their tummy stays firmly under cover when they exercise. Wear a top that won’t ride up if you stretch up.  This deceptively simple maternity yoga top has a longer length and curved hem so it gently hugs your baby bump without riding up and exposing everything to the world!
  1. Wearing leggings that don’t fit properly, or weren’t designed for pregnancy exercise often means a constant hitch up so they stay up. It’s important that your leggings don’t fall down when you bend down. FittaMamma leggings come in a choice of styles – long, medium, short or straight legs.  What they have in common is a super stretchy, super-supportive waist panel that comes right up over your baby bump or can be folded down underneath.  For maximum comfort you’ll find they support your lower back as well.
  1. Did you know you have up to 50% more blood circulating in your body during pregnancy? Regular cardio exercise will strengthen your heart to keep the extra blood circulating but make sure you don’t get too hot when you work out.  Keep a bottle of water handy and wear exercise gear that includes moisture wicking technology to keep you fresh and cool.
  1. If you’re proud of your fit pregnancy – flaunt it! A top with a motivational message lets people know your positive attitude towards exercise. It also avoids any doubt if your fellow gym buddies think you’re trying to work off a few extra pounds without knowing the real reason for your expanding waist line.


Stay active but stay safe – these are FittaMamma’s guidelines for safe exercise in pregnancy: 

  • Listen to your body – if your workout feels too intense slow down or stop.
  • If you exercise regularly don’t stop! Just adapt your workouts as your pregnancy progresses
  • Don’t overdo it – if you’re not used to exercising regularly start with 15-20 minutes a day and build up your strength. Aim for half an hour a day, five days a week
  • Thinking about starting something new? Pregnancy Pilates or yoga will help you to stretch, relax and teach breathing techniques to assist during labour
  • Stay hydrated! Keep a water bottle handy and take regular sips
  • Stay cool! Expectant mums can overheat quite easily so exercise outdoors if possible and choose moisture-wicking exercise wear
  • Carry on chatting! Don’t exercise beyond the level where you’re not able to continue a conversation
  • Dress comfortably. Well-fitting exercise clothes that support your bump and breasts – such as the FittaMamma range – are ideal
  • Avoid lying on your front after the first trimester and avoid lying on your back after 12 weeks
  • Stay fuelled – don’t exercise on an empty stomach and keep a few energy snacks handy – a banana, dried fruit or nuts will give you a quick energy burst
  • Warm up before you start and cool down afterwards
  • Check with your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns about your health or your pregnancy and let your coach or fitness instructor know you’re pregnant

For more information on the benefits of staying fit during pregnancy, safe exercise, warm up routines  and trimester specific workouts – along with a unique range of supportive maternity fitnesswear  visit



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