Twistshake Tablewear

From £10.99

The Twistshake click mat and plate has been developed to make feeding time easier, more productive and more fun! Easily attach your Twistshake plate with just a click, the mat then sticks to the table or highchair making the plate almost impossible to move, even for your energetic toddler!

The click mat and plate even includes a smart lid, which conveniently transforms the plate into a lunch box for a trip out or for storage.

There is also a divided plate and bowl in the range.

Our verdict:

We can not recommend this tableware highly enough! We have tried so many different suction plates, mats etc and our little toddler has always been able to pry them off the table and onto the floor. When we first received the click mat and plate we were immediately impressed with its stylish design and how easily the plate clicked on to the mat, but we held our breath as we placed the mat onto our toddlers highchair and waited for him to start pulling at the plate. He spent a good 30 seconds tugging at the plate and looking rather confused as to why it wasn’t coming off the table, before tucking into his food and forgetting all about trying to chuck it on the floor. We couldn’t believe it, we had finally found a solution to this very messy problem! A month later and we have not had any incidents of him removing the plate from the mat. We were so impressed we decided to order the divided plate and bowl, which are compatible with the mat and they have been great too. I love the fact that the lids allow them to be stored in the fridge and they can even go straight in the microwave. The plates and bowls also click together one on top of the other making them really great for stacking in the fridge.



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